"Louise consistently supported me throughout my illness and recovery, over a period of 4 years. The attachment focused style of therapy has helped me to unravel and understand my past in more depth, which in turn helped me to overcome obstacles and issues in my life. Louise helped me to independently manage my thoughts and emotions so i can lead a healthy and happy life, with many more good days than bad!"

- Alice

"I came to Dr. Atkin with a psychiatric issue that required clarity. I worked through the issues I had over a number of sessions and came out of the other side with a new perspective on the issues at hand. Dr. Atkin was polite and respectful, and created a calming and open environment that encouraged an honest and truthful dialogue about the issues I was dealing with. Dr. Atkin was sensitive and empathic towards my issues and and I'm incredibly grateful of the progress I was able to make under her care."

- Andrew, 26

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